Contract Job Opportunities

[ Updated on 19.07.2024 ]

 This section lists only the contract job opportunities offered by Alfa Rom. For permanent positions with Alfa Rom, please see the Career page.

 The external contract job opportunities are listed below. To apply for a specific position, please follow the instructions in the How to Apply page.

 For the candidates without security clearance, Alfa Rom has the ability to request initial clearance investigations.

 Depending on the successful candidate's performance, the contracts may be extended.

 Notice: Depending on the assignment location, candidates must be eligible to work in the EU, UK or USA. The job descriptions are as provided by the Alfa Rom's client. The contracted work will be executed at the location and under the conditions specified by the Alfa Rom's client.

Available Contract Jobs:

ID Position Location  
24411 L1 Support for Service Desk and Helpdesk - PCL SUP 0020 Norfolk, United States of America
24422 Core GIS System Administrator and Support Engineer The Hague, Netherlands
24427 Solution Engineer The Hague, Netherlands
24430 Oracle ERP specialist with focus on Procure-to-Pay activities Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24431 ERP system specialist Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24433 Enterprise Cybersecurity Incident Management Support and Coordination Officer Brussels, Belgium
24435 Cyber Operations Management System Tool Manager Mons, Belgium
24436 Principal Business Management Assistant The Hague, Netherlands
24437 Contracting Assistant Brussels, Belgium
24438 Patching Engineer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24439 Patching Engineer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24440 Junior Patching Engineer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24441 Junior Patching Engineer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24442 Test Engineer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24443 Service Delivery Manager Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24444 Medical Management Prototype Frontend Developer Off-site
24445 Medical Management Prototype Backend Developer Off-site
24446 Administrative Assistant Grazzanise, Italy
24447 Senior Engineer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24448 Senior Engineer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24449 Senior Technician (User Support) Sigonella, Italy
24450 Senior Engineer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
24451 JChat Software Developer Off-site
24452 Chief Technician (Virtual Infrastructure) Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
24453 Engineer Mons, Belgium
24454 Engineer Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium
24455 Site Security Assistant Izmir, Turkey
24456 IT Service Kiosk Services Braine-l'Alleud
24457 NIRIS Software Developer Off-site
24458 Online Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools and Feeds Management Off-site
24459 Internal IT - Policy and Risk Management Assistant Brussels, Belgium