Contract Job Opportunities

[ Updated on 07.12.2023 ]

 This section lists only the contract job opportunities offered by Alfa Rom. For permanent positions with Alfa Rom, please see the Career page.

 The external contract job opportunities are listed below. To apply for a specific position, please follow the instructions in the How to Apply page.

 For the candidates without security clearance, Alfa Rom has the ability to request initial clearance investigations.

 Depending on the successful candidate's performance, the contracts may be extended.

 Notice: Depending on the assignment location, candidates must be eligible to work in the EU, UK or USA. The job descriptions are as provided by the Alfa Rom's client. The contracted work will be executed at the location and under the conditions specified by the Alfa Rom's client.

Available Contract Jobs:

ID Position Location  
23694 Oracle EBS - Functional Expert (ACT) Norfolk, United States of America
23695 Instructor Principal Technician LMC2 Oeiras, Portugal
23698 Enterprise Cybersecurity Incident Manager Brussels, Belgium
23701 Financial Assistant (OC & TC) Brussels, Belgium
23702 Event Engineer (Information Systems) Stavanger, Norway
23703 Engineer (Telecommunications) Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23704 Service Delivery Manager Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23705 CSU Mons IT Support (SSP) Mons, Belgium
23706 SATCOM Operations Support Engineer Mons, Belgium
23707 Senior IT Change and Configuration Manager Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23708 Principal Project Manager The Hague, Netherlands
23710 Resource Manager Northwood, United Kingdom
23711 JChat Software Developer (1) Off-site
23713 JChat Software Developer (3) Off-site
23714 JChat Software Developer (4) Off-site
23715 JChat Software Developer (5) Off-site
23716 JChat Software Developer (6) Off-site
23717 TOPFAS SME – User Story Specialist The Hague, Netherlands
23718 IO Senior Software Developer The Hague, Netherlands
23719 Infrastructure Resources Assistant Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23720 HR Project Coordinator - Diversity, Wellbeing Culture The Hague, Netherlands
23721 Administrative Assistant - Office of the Chief The Hague, Netherlands
23722 VTC Engineer Mons, Belgium
23723 HR Project Coordinator – Organisational Development The Hague, Netherlands
23724 DBM Technical Lead Off-site
23725 TOPFAS Instructor Off-site
23726 Sr Systems Engineer (CIS Security/INFOSEC Officer) Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23727 Systems Engineer (CIS Security) Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23728 Engineer (Core Services) Norfolk, United States of America
23729 LOSS Technician (System Administrator) Izmir, Turkey
23730 Technician Service Desk Mons, Belgium
23731 TOPFAS Full Stack ASP.NET MVC Developer Off-site
23732 TOPFAS Desktop Application Software Developer Off-site
23733 Space ISR Collection Tool Developer Off-site
23734 Mathematical Modeler – Space Off-site
23735 AirC2 Domain Integration Validation and Verification (IV&V) Activities Off-site
23736 BMD Systems Test Engineering Contractor The Hague, Netherlands
23737 Work package execution and delivery management service for the UNCAP Project Oeiras, Portugal
23738 ITM-Rec Incr1 – WP11 SMC – ITILbased business processes Off-site
23739 First Line Security Event Analyst (FLSEA) Mons, Belgium
23740 Project manager for the Education and Individual Training Availability and Maintenance Service Oeiras, Portugal
23741 VTC Engineering Support Mons, Belgium
23742 CQO-CRSS DevOps Engineer The Hague, Netherlands
23743 Resource Manager Assistant Northwood, United Kingdom
23744 IT System Administrator Sigonella, Italy
23745 SMC Business Analyst Northwood, United Kingdom
23746 Service Delivery Manager - Email and Skype Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23747 Service Delivery Manager - Voice and VTC Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23748 Management Assistant Brussels, Belgium
23750 BPR Business Analyst and Planner Brussels, Belgium
23751 Technical Author The Hague, Netherlands
23752 Database Administrator Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23753 Project Support Assistant Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23754 Threat Hunting Analyst Mons, Belgium
23755 Senior Technician Ramstein, Germany
23756 TOPFAS Front End Developer Off-site
23757 TOPFAS Front End Developer Off-site
23758 Finance - Sr Assistant (Business Management) relaunch Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23759 ANET Senior Software Developer Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23760 Network Technician Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23761 Network Technician Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23762 Principal Assistant (Business Intake) Braine - l'Alleud, Belgium
23763 Desktop Application Software Developer Offsite
23764 Desktop Application Software Developer The Hague, Netherlands
23765 General Services and Civil works Coordinator Oeiras, Portugal
23768 Event Coordinator The Hague, Netherlands
23769 Environmental and Acquisition Data Scientist Brussels, Belgium